Thomas R. Suozzi, County Executive



PATHHS: Providing Access To Health & Human Services



What is PATHHS?

PATHHS is a web-based tool which allows for enhanced accessibility to Nassau County Health & Human Services (HHS) by providing for easy, efficient eligibility screening for HHS programs.  In the spirit of the County’s No Wrong Door policy, this tool not only addresses potential eligibility for those program(s) which the user is inquiring, but further allows for the identification of other programs to better serve the client’s continuum of needs and provide a more outcome-driven solution to care and assistance.


Who can use PATHHS?

PATHHS is available to anyone interested in screening for services for their own family or helping someone else apply.  Being an internet-based program, this tool is accessible from a residence, library, school, community-based organization, or other place of business; anywhere internet access is available.


How does PATHHS work?

PATHHS was developed as a hierarchy of eligibility questions.  The eligibility questions for all 29 programs available in this tool have been compiled to identify commonalities and thus reduce duplicative questioning.  After submitting the relevant information, users will see a statement of services for which they might be eligible.


Instructions on next steps and required documentation will also be provided to reduce the number of back and forth visits to the HHS office.  Print capability is available throughout to allow the user to keep their results and any other relevant information.


Utilizing an online scheduling interface, PATHHS also allows the user to book an in-person appointment. 


The Future of PATHHS

Future versions of PATHHS will include data transfer to the HHS network to minimize data entry and expedite visits at the HHS office.  The ultimate goal of full integration with State systems and electronic application capability will take time, coordination, and likely the use of waivers to put in place this level of functionality not yet available in the State.




·          PATHHS can identify programs for which a user MAY potentially be eligible.  State and Federal regulations in some cases do not currently allow for online eligibility determination (see The Future of PATHHS);

·          Confidentiality is maintained throughout the screening process.  Identifying information is required only when an in-person appointment is requested.


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